Genevieve grew up in rural PA, went to college in London 1976-1977, then Boston 1977-1979, where she married ex-hubby Terry Koppel in 1980. They moved to NYC in 1982. In NYC, Genevieve worked for Walter Bernard, 1982-1983. Walter was her best boss ever. Genevieve was an Art Director at The New York Times for fourteen years, 1985-1998, a professor at SVA for 24 years, 1988-2012, and a visiting professor at Yeungnam University in Korea, 2015-2018. She has two masters degrees, an MFA from SVA, 1996, and an MA in religion from Union Theological, 2001, and a doctorate in Philosophy, Art, and Critical Thought from the European Graduate School (ABD), 2012. Currently, Genevieve is teaching at Marymount Manhattan College, preparing a show of her work, hosting an international intern, and scheming her next big adventure.