E Genevieve Williams CV

Studio E Genevieve, LLC is a multimedia design enterprise. We welcome challenging projects that require multiple platforms, from print to web to video.

Our expertise extends to interior and exterior spatial design as well as some architectural reconfiguring, whether adding an extra bedroom, an office space, or a garden area to your current space.

If you are interested in our design services or a spatial design consultation, please contact us at genevieve@studieoegenevieve.com.

Studio E Genevieve is also a teaching studio. We conduct workshops, offer private sessions, and enjoy working with interns. We've had much success training and placing young talent.

If you are interested in our workshops or would like to intern with us, please contact us at the above-mentioned address.

E. Genevieve Williams is an artist, designer, doctoral student, educator, and writer. She divides her time between New York and rural Pennsylvania and likes it that way.

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