This exhibition hung in the School of Visual Arts Chelsea Gallery and was titled "2003-2007". It is a show of pages chosen from the books, years 2003 through 2007, enlarged and hung from a grid installed above. I loved curating the show and seeing the pages so large, larger than life size. They held their energy at that size.

2011: This book features three separate but interlocking books. Each has a pop up centerfold. The books are bound together by a belly band designed with a code for the augmented reality component of the book. It’s a great piece and deserved the Silver Clio it was awarded.

CREDITS: Creative Director: E. Genevieve Williams; Art Directors: Donghee Choo, Jin Suk Kim; Guest Art Directors: Bryan Farevaag, Ramon Tejada, Erica Chung, Olga Vladova, Ayca Bayer; Photographer: AnRong Xu; Writers: Elizabeth Kaye

AWARDS: Silver, Clio, Creative Direction, Publication Design, Advertising; Davey Awards, Creative Direction, Publication Design, Advertising; Communicator Awards, Writing: PUBLICITY: AVERTOLOG:; WELOVEAD:; COLORIBUS:

SVA Yearbook 2010

2010: The 2010 book is a DVD featuring after effects, illustrated animation, live footage, and stop motion animation. It also has five books designed by each of five senior class designers that capture the sentiments of the class. The set are cased in a jewelry box design with a illustrated map of the city campus around it. A beautiful piece that received a lot of media press.

CREDITS: Creative Director: E. Genevieve Williams; Art Directors: Deaeun Kim, Nicole Fischetti; Guest Art Directors: April Sharp, Erin Kim, Erica Chung, Ramon Tejada; Photographers: Matt Kushan, Ina Jang; Video and Animation: Masayoshi Nakamura, Magico Nakamura, Beryl Chen, Akira Uchinokura, Kaya Ono; Writers: Bob Koppel, Elizabeth Kaye, Russell Flinchum.

AWARDS: Silver, Art Directors Club, Book Design; Gold, Graphis New Talent:; Platinum, Creativity; How Design Magazine; Communication Arts, Category: Self-promotion (2011); Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2011 - Editorial/Book Design (2011); Spark Awards.

2009: This book is a compilation of the work of ten art directors who all visualized the class differently. It came together wildly and wonderfully.

CREDITS: Creative Director: E. Genevieve Williams; Art Director: Michael Bebout; Guest Art Directors: Jonathan Han, Steve Attardo, Alex Merto, Eric Ku, Lauren Jantz, Marie Yan Morvan, Katia Hakko, James Hughes, Soo Jung Kwon; Photographers: Samantha Cohn, Bon Duke, Kara Hayden; Writer: Bob Koppel. 

AWARDS: Creativity, Book Interior; Davey Awards.

2008: A boxed set of three books created by very different art directors make up this stunning piece. The slip case is designed by illustrator and hand letterer Dan Cassaro.

CREDITS: Creative Director: E. Genevieve Williams; Art Director/Photographer teams: Dan Cassaro/Natasha Kaser, (present book), John Gilmore/Elleser Galleta, (future book); Christopher Lin/Samantha Cohn, (past book); Guest Art Director: Karen Hsin, (chairs and Silas posters).

AWARDS: Gold, Creativity; Sliver, Spark Design Awards; Print Award; How Design Magazine; PUBLICITY: Print Interview.

2007: These four art directors chose the themes of taste, smell, sight, and hearing and inventively art directed the photography to suit their themes. It was a brave move and it is a beautiful piece.

CREDITS: Creative Director: E. Genevieve Williams; Art Directors: Julian Gonzales, Ji Yoon Lee, Tomomi Fujimaru, Jamie Bartolacci; Photographers: Michael Kwiecinski, Jane Huntington. 

AWARDS: Gold, Creativity; Davey Awards; Sliver, Spark Design and Architecture Award; PUBLICITY: Step Inside Design Magazine Article.

2006: While each of four female art directors worked hard on the design and art direction of this book, Ava Savitsky completely outdid herself. The book is a testament to long days and nights of creativity. Bravo ladies, and extra kudos to Ava Savitsky.

CREDITS: Creative Director: E. Genevieve Williams; Art Directors: Hye Jung Chung, Chi Young Cho, Ashley Gretina, Ava Savitsky; Photographers: Jane Huntington, David Miao, Kanako Sasaki. 

AWARDS: How Design Magazine; The Great Design Show; Print's business graphics annual; Print's A+C=D Business Graphics Review; 2007 Print Magazine Regional Design Annual; The One Club Show; Davey Awards.

2005: This was a great creative team. The four were so different as artists, all talented, all amazing. They worked cooperatively and had a blast. They also saved my butt about a hundred million times. Thank you so much. It is a stunning book.

CREDITS: Creative Director: E. Genevieve Williams; Art Directors: Ha Do, Chris Spooner, Lenny Naar, Lisa Sobczynski; Guest Art Director: Ana Blagojevic; Photographers: Kanako Sasaki, David Miao. 

AWARDS: STEP Inside Design Magazine; Design One, 2005; The Great Design Show; PUBLICITY: STEP Inside Design Magazine, 100 Showcase.

2004: This book was designed by two art directors whose aesthetics refused to be merged. James and Hee Jeong barely spoke, but they pulled together a brilliant and lively book that screams 2004.

CREDITS: Creative Director: E. Genevieve Williams; Art Directors: Hee Jeong Lee, James O'Brien; Guest Art Directors: Ana Blagojevic, Diksha Watwani; Photographers: Kanako Sasaki, Michael Bayer, Lindsey Rome. 

AWARDS: The One Club Show; Creativity 34 Annual: Gold, Creative Achievement in Typography; Gold, Book Design.

2003: Susan and John came to me late in their junior year asking to do a book project together. When the yearbook project was offered to me, they leapt on it. They didn’t emerge from the office for months. All the photography was conceived collaboratively with the wonderful and talented Ms Kanako Sasaki. The three planned and executed the book brilliantly making it the first ever SVA yearbook to deserve to be a show piece. Bravo Susan, John, and Kanako. You set the bar high!

CREDITS: Creative Director, E. Genevieve Williams; Art Directors: Susan Park, John Yun; Photographer: Kanako Sasaki; Guest Photographer: Jeremy Blakeslee.

AWARDS: Print Magazine Regional Design Annual: Cover.